Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you licensed?
A: Yes, I am a licensed and ordained minister.

Q: Did you have to go to school to become licensed?
A: Yes, my undergraduate was a double major in Psychology and Bibilical Studies.

Q: In the event that you become ill, do you have a back-up?
A: Yes, I have have two ministers on call for each wedding booked.

Q: Do you charge a travel fee?
A: No, I do not add extra for mileage.

Q: What is the average tip to pay a minister?
A: The average tip according to the industry average is $100.

Q: Do you charge for meetings?
A: No, I am available to meet any time at no cost. I am also available via telephone and e-mail and will respond quickly. Thank God for Blackberrys!

Q: Do rehearsals cost extra?
A: Yes, I charge a nominal fee for rehearsals but always prepare the couple enough that they generally do not need me present at the rehearsal.

Q: Do you do non-denominational weddings?
A: Yes, almost all of my weddings are non-denominational.

Q: Do you have requirements?
A: No, the wedding is for the couple, not for me. I do everything to make the couple's special day just as they like it.

Q: Have you done inter-faith weddings?
A: Yes, very many. The most common is Jewish/Christian, but I have done many other combinations as well.

Q: Have you done many Catholic weddings?
A: Yes, over 80% of the couples I marry have at least one person who is coming from a Catholic background. Whether one has been divorced, they no longer attend church, the wedding is outside, one person is not Catholic, etc. - there are many reasons why Catholic couples come to me.

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